The Beautiful Lake (Twin Ma)

If you’re looking for beautiful Lake, culture, and zesty Sprulina all wrapped up with an affordable price tag, the Twin Ma Lake in Monywa is a great choice. The Twin Ma Lake encompasses the resort destinations of Monywa’s Sightseeing.You don’t have to stay at a big bustling all-inclusive resort here, though you’ll find plenty fronting the long, postcard-worthy beaches. Boatman can take you the sightseeing of Lake with motor boat. They are popular activities in the warm, clear waters, and beautiful coconut trees can explore the magnificent sprulina lake, in a stunning setting above the mountain panorama view, or Twin Ma Lake,a few hours’ drive away from the Monywa.

The Beautiful Mountain (Light Hiking)

Hiking in Shwe Min Tin Mountain is one of the most popular hiking expeditions in Monywa. Shwe Min Tin is famous as a former old Lions status. It line on the 200 ft mountain range and surrounded by green tree forest hills. The lovely cold climate and colorful mountain trips are the main attraction of the trekking in Shwe Min Tin.

The Nyaung Kan Village (Tha Khut Ta Nal Pa ya Gyi)

In 1850, Rev.Nyana built a large chedi (pagoda) and a monastery.There are 216 stone plaques with Rama story on it in a small museum and lacquered works 224 on 28 pillars in a wooden temple.(Budalin Township, Sagaing Region. The king granted tax-free to attract immigrants to this village. This village prospered according to remaining documents(Folded books) in the monastery but later declined and went into oblivion.

Mal Nu( the Monastery)

Mal Nu Monastery well known as Me Nu Oak-Kyaung (Brick Monastery) was built in 1822 by Nanmadaw ME Nu, Chief Queen of King Bagyidaw, for the royal abbot NyaungganSayadaw U Po, then offered to the 2th Nyaunggan Sayadaw U Bok. It was also damaged by the earthquake of 1838 but was repaired in 1873 by Sinphyumashin, the daughter of Me Nu and queen of king Mindon, This monastery is one of the finest specimens of Myanmar architecture during the Konboung Period (19th century), Its architecture is in simulation of wooden monasteries with multiple roofs and a prayer hall of seven-tiered.

Kyauk Sit Pone Village

Most of woman weaved cotton fibres thread at Kyauk Sit Pone, a village weaving was conceived nearly a century ago, the thread will be used for making woven textiles out of a combination of cotton plant fibres and silk. Lotus textiles are one of the most expensive textiles in the world. After picking, the fibres are extracted by pulling out, twisting and handrolling together with water and then spun, washed and woven into fabric, an extremely labour intensive process.

Kha Tat Kan Village

Which is near by world highest standing Buddha. The Kha Tat Kan is one of the most attracting village wich make the engrave (the stone grinding disc) Kyauk Pyin.and a stick of thanaka branch can be found in just about every Burmese home.They rub thanaka bark on the wet stone to createa creamy paste. That’s Call Myanmar Traditional Make-up.

Shwe Ba & Pho Win Taung (famous Mountains & Caves)

The two complexes are made up of a total number of 790 caves. In 7th century Srikhetera or 11th century Bagan temples are called ‘gu’ pagodas, or ‘caves.’ Here, the caves are true caves set on the side of hills; many are natural but probably enlarged and the entrances cut or neatened, so one could not really say they were wholly man-made.

Shwe Taung Oo (Beautiful Mountain & Medation Center)

Just outside the North of the downtown. 20 Minutes driving distant by TukTuk.Before that mountain, we have to cross the Chin Dwin Bridge which had 300 ft by span. You can enjoy the panoramic views of Chindwin river and its environs from there.You can go down the 200 steps of the covered southern stairway to reach the base of the River. Before the base, its take with 15 minutes with the stop in small nats shrines and small pagoda .Smooth trekking.

Ledi Stone inscription

Well known inscription on stone plates of ledi depani at Monywa. This is record of Ledi Depani scripture, was complied by the first Ledi Venerable who was wrote the many of Depani. The Mahaledi stone plate inscription building is the fourth biggest of Myanmar and set up the seven hundred and Ninety one stone plates. This place is one of the sights of tour in Monywa.

Kyaukar Lacquer Village

World amazing handicraft situated at KyaukKar Village. Asia has different styles of lacquer ware such as Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese, all very different. Kyaukar lacquer ware also has it unique style. This craft was founded approximately in the 10th century in Myanmar. It takes at least 7 months or longer to produce these fine long lasting items. Myanmar lacquer ware has different appearances. After finishing the final stage these items are decorated with Burmese floral designs depicting Buddha’s life or are gilded in gold. KyaukKar lacquer is widely used as kitchen ware, jewelry boxes souvenirs, home decorations and petitions.

The Thanboddhay Pagoda

Thanboddhay Pagoda is a massive Buddhist complex in Monywa, It is a gilded world, brightly screaming out praise for Buddha through colorful celebration.From statues inside the pagoda, to miniatures climbing the sides of the building itself, there are 500,000 depictions of Buddha in total. Although it was originally built in the early 14th century, it was reconstructed in 1939, and is incredibly preserved in its golden form.

A Myint Village

The village was a real surprise. A new village of wooden huts has expanded near the banks of Chindwindriver in the middle of the lush vegetation. 336 stupas around which the new village has grown dating from the 14th century gives a rich of history and scenery. Some of them are quite big.The central complex of stupas has been restored and cleared of vegetation. However it is a loosing battle as many of the stupas are partially covered again by the advancing jungle. The landscape along both sides of the road is enchanting, with fields between the jungles, a lot peasant working the land helped by domestic animals such as cows and buffaloes.

Lae Zin Village

Lae Zin Village might date back to the Stone Age lies in the vicinity of New-gway, home of the first. Homo (Standing Man) erectus in the vicinity of New-gway,home of the first. Of might also have existed in the time of Han-Lin Pyu whose road to Po-win-taung ran just close to its north. Bagan inscription of 11 Century wrote Lisi and finally Lezin. A lot of stupas were found under the ground. Ka-Ku-Than pagoda is the main Shrine of the village. It was built in 1403 A.D by the Queen Shin Saw Pu of Ava age (Inn-Wa). All the stupas were wonderfully underground about 12 feet from the ground level.

A Stone Baby & Stone Dragon

One of the amazing village which near the major highway of Monywa-Mandalay. Actually the giant stone is naturally looks like dragon. Visitors already put gold leaves on it. So it becomes golden dragon. The landscape around this is amazing. There are fews temples/Stupas near the Kyaut Nagar. Next to Kyaut Nagar (Stone Dragon), there is an anotherattraction to see which is yautKalay (stone baby). They say the stone looks like a baby. People believe that women who wish to have a baby can come here to embrace this stone and their dream will come true.

Han Lin (The Pyu era )

An almost imperceptible rise means that the attractive village of Hanlin (Halingyi, Halin, Halim) sits very slightly above the pan-flat surrounding plains. For centuries this geographical advantage was deeply significant.The excavation sites here date back to the Pyu era (4th to 9th centuries AD) and means the site was placed to a large city over 1600 year ago, in-situ skeletons whose depth is expressed their antiquity, the earliest artifacts of Halin city’s wooden gates are radiocarbon dated to 70 CE. Small private museum of Nyaung Koe Bin Monastery. The little hot spring area where villager collect the water and the village where the deep inside rural life with its own right.

Thar Zi Dam

The Dam is the end of tharzi main road and heart of the village, and is the heart of Tharsi’s attractions. Although there are arguably prettier sights in Tharzi dam. As an historical site however, it is fascinating and worth taking the time to appreciate. The Dam has seen many historical dramas unfold over the years, and was for example, the Ta Wa Gu Pagoda was found under the ground which dream alarm to old monk by male nat

De Pe Yin Village

In that Village Aung San Su Kyi assassinate by terrorisms in 2003 may 30. 70 people death without any reason. That’s why people put to test De Pe Yin assassination. The Villager were very friendly. Sayar San was a famous leader of famer, against by British colony 1930-1932. We can see Sayar San (Master San) Statue in front of the Village.

Along Taw Ka Tha Pa

The pagoda pilgrimage season for Ahlaung Taw Ka Tha Pa commenced on January 7, with many attendees. “The start of Ahlaung Taw Ka Tha Pa pagoda pilgrimage season varies from year to year. Normally, the commencement time is post-rainy season – it may be January or February. More visitors come on weekends and public holidays. On Full Moon Day of Tabaung, the place is crowded with too many visitors and pilgrims,” said the Buddhist monk Nanda Marlar, who is a member of pagoda trustees. A hostel which has 42 rooms with water and electricity services and clinics are opened for the visitors there. A total of 83 shops including restaurants, photo studios and business for gold leaf packets were allowed to open. Since pilgrims have to go there by elephants, there are a total of 70 elephants which charge Ks. 8000 for a person. Elephant services are available between 7 am to 12 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm.

Chat Thin game reserve

Nature reserves and other protected areas of all countries of the world. Chat Thin Game Reserve are the prime locations of wild and untamed nature; in many countries they are the most exiting places to visit, if you can find them. Around 100 of deer were give sanctuary in the jungle. The Monks are taken care all the time. The Monastery was built by King Min Done. From There, you can see the beauty of Aye Yar Waddy River.

Old Chruch

One of the oldest churches in Myanmar, is struggling to keep going – its congregation only occasionally reaches double figures. The 150-year-old church enjoys an imposing location, at a narrow street in Chaung Oo. It’s a beautiful building, a patch of calm in a bustling city.

Shwe Bo

Shwebo is a city in the Sagaing Region of Myanmar, located 64 miles (103km) north-west of Mandalay on the eastern bank of the Chindwin River. Shwebo was the native town of King Alaungpaya, the founder of the Kone Baung Dynasty. Shwebo was royal capital of Myanmar from 1760-1764. King Alaungpaya fought against the rule of the Mon Monarchy in 1752, and his dynasty lasted over two centuries.

Nyaung Kan Human Bone Copper era

Nyaung Kan is a Village in Monywa District. The principal town is Budalin. Bronze Age human remains and artefact were discovered in Nyaung Kan in 1998-99. There is now a museum in Nyaung Kan Village showing some of the artefacts and skeletons. Twintaung of Budalin is famous of its natural spirulina. 150 tons of dried spirulina per year was produced from it since 1988 but its yield is declining in 2014.

Dhamma Ramsi Mediation Center

Avenue Dhammaransi is a Buddhist meditation center where the teachers are senior Buddhist monks who teach mainly Vipassana meditation in Myanmar and English languages. Anyone who takes keen interest in mental development can practise meditation here, regardless of sex, race, nationality and religion.

Monywa Orphanage

These are beautiful children, without parents to love and care for them, who are often hungry and struggle for their most basic needs. We need people like you to help them make a difference in their lives. We are able to do tremendous things for the money, in saving and transforming these orphans’ lives. Where children have been suffering months and even dying for lack of a few dollars medicine, Orphan’s Hope is providing care and saving lives.

Dhamma Ramsi Mediation Center

Avenue Dhammaransi is a Buddhist meditation center where the teachers are senior Buddhist monks who teach mainly Vipassana meditation in Myanmar and English languages. Anyone who takes keen interest in mental development can practise meditation here, regardless of sex, race, nationality and religion.

Ngwe Nyein

The small town is located 29km east of Shwebo on the western bank of River Ayeyarwaddy. This place is known primarily for its production of glazed pottery, including the large Martaban Jars which were used water containers throughout rural Myanmar.